Child is meant to learn not to earn!


Education is the most powerful tool which you can use to change the world and the best method to break out of the pattern of poverty. Yet, after 70 years of Independence, over two crore children still remain out-of-school in India. These youngsters are not just denied of their entitlement to get training yet they lose their adolescence to acquire bread professionally.

The Government through its Right to Education Act, 2009 have been making its way in enrolling and retaining children in school especially from the marginalized sector. According to the National Survey for Estimation of Out-of-School Children finds more than 60% of children dropped out before completing 3rd grade and according to the Institute for Policy Research Studies (PRS), nearly 50% of students dropped out before 11th grade.  With the existence of such staggering numbers, the proper implementation of the Right to Education Act is yet to be made.

When there is a major imbalance in society, NGOs like us could balance the see-saw. NGOs play a significant role in ensuring that every child, especially the poor receive the opportunity to build a better future through education.


Free Coaching’s to poor children’s.

Distribution of Uniforms and Books and Stationary to the poor.

Crash Course coaching during summer vacations.


For those aspiring to be doctors and engineers in India, doing well in competitive exams is crucial…

Crash Courses For Students

HYMN TRUST offers free coaching classes for the children who are going to school….

Free Coaching

Every year in rural are nearly 20percent primary school-aged children were out of school in India…

Distribution of Uniforms and Books & Stationary.