Distribution of Uniform, Bags, Books & Stationery



Every year in rural are nearly 20percent primary school-aged children were out of school in India. The government’s program focused on the formal primary sector that supported about 80 students and still many children were out of school. These were the children who had missed out schooling at the “right age” or had been forced to drop out, mainly because of poverty. Many could not afford to buy uniforms or books, to pay for transport if they lived far from the school or might have been needed to earn vital income to feed the family. As a consequence, these children were deprived of education which drastically reduced their chances of finding higher-earning jobs that could lift them and their families out of poverty.

Hymn Started a project for such situations and sponsor 40 student in 2019 with there books, bag , uniform & stationery. All the student sperated from there studies due lack of necessary item they need. We are expecting to sponsor double number of student including the prevous 40 student next year.

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Distribution of Medicine to the poor